Medicago HapMap Project
Genomics of rapid evolution in novel environments (GrENE net)

Gabriela Auge–Fundación Insituto Leloir, IIBBA-CONICET,
Shaun Curtin— USDA, Cereal Disease Lab
Kathleen Donohue— Duke University
Brendan Epstein— University of Minnesota
Moises Exposito-Alonso— Max Planck Institute , Tübingen, Germany
Laura Galloway— University of Virginia
Joseph Guhlin— University of Minnesota
Lindsay Leverett— Duke University (Donohue Lab)
C. Jessica E. Metcalf— Princeton University
Jean-Michel Michno— University of Minnesota
Matt Nelson— University of Minnesota
Michael Sadowsky— University of Minnesota
Johanna Schmitt— University of California, Davis
Robert Shriver–Duke University (William Morris Lab)
Nathan Springer— University of Minnesota
Robert Stupar— University of Minnesota
Peter Tiffin— University of Minnesota
Bradley Tomasek— Duke University (Jim Clark Lab)
Diana Trujillo— University of Minnesota
Holly Prendeville— USDA Forest Service
Daniel Runcie— University of California, Davis
Stephen M. Welch— Kansas State University
Mandy Waters — PepsiCo
Amity Wilczek— Deep Springs College
Nevin D. Young— University of Minnesota
Chunhui Zhang–Lanzhou University, China

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