Course Materials  – Duke Evolution and Ecology of Extreme Life Cycles

Ultimately, as a teacher, my goal is to spark the curiosity and excitement of my students so they can continue the learning process on their own in the future.  Integral to this is providing students with the communication and research tools they need to be professionals in an interdisciplinary, fast-paced world. I believe that good teaching reflects an iterative process of creative planning with thoughtful implementation of changes based on outcomes and feedback.  I have diverse range of teaching experiences from mentorship high school and college students to being a teaching assistant and instructor of record.  I graduated from Duke with a Certificate in College Teaching as well as experience as a Preparing Future Faculty Fellow. I do not consider teaching to be restricted to the classroom. Each year I design and/or participate in outreach activities targeted to a diverse public and key stakeholders. Use links below for additional information

Market Science is a great outreach initiative developed by graduate students and postdocs at UMN to bring science to local Farmers markets. Find out more!

Poster for Market Science emphasizing how legumes are common urban plants
Legume-Rhizobia Coloring Sheet drawings by L. Burghardt