Three new papers out!!!!

The first chapter of my dissertation is out in the February issue of the American Naturalist!

AmNatpicThe goal of this work was to develop a modeling framework of how traits such as the timing of flowering and germination together determine composite traits like generation time. Since these traits are phenotypically plastic, the models account for both environmental and genetic variation. We applied this model to understand patterns of allelic variation across the geographic range of the model plant A. thaliana

It actually got a little bit of press in the wider world as well: Greenhouse Management,

In addition, two other papers that I am involved with came out or are coming out! Congratulations to Kathleen Donohue and Gabriela Auge for heading up these publications. One is an opinion piece in TREE on about how developmental threshold models can be applied to answering questions in evolutionary ecology. The second examines the relationship between primary and secondary dormancy in seeds and is coming out in seed science research!


PDFs of all papers listed here can be found on my publication page!

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